The 38% rule (and why you should IGNORE it) setting up a new studio

Have you heard about the 38 percent rule? 

This is something that pops up a lot when you're researching speaker positioning, listener positioning and setting up a new room.

But I always thought this was really confusing when I first stumbled across this. 

What 38 percent are we talking...

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Home Studio Acoustics: Is my room a NIGHTMARE to treat? setting up a new studio

Thinking about studio acoustics can be confusing a.f.

Every little thing seems to affect every little other thing. And round and round we go.

If you then have some major part of the room causing a seemingly unsolvable headache, the question can quickly creep up:

“Is my room going to be a...

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“My room is asymmetrical. Should I fix it?” setting up a new studio

One of the odd things about home studios is..


that they’re slightly odd.

Who here doesn’t have to deal with at least SOME random asymmetric feature in their room, like an inconvenient window, door or wall?

But how large is the impact of the typical asymmetric oddities in our...

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How does unavoidable 'furniture' affect the room response? setting up a new studio

How does unavoidable furniture, even things like amps, guitars, bass, et cetera, affect the acoustic response of the room?

It's quite hard to say “this” does exactly “that”. 

Rooms are way too unique to make that kind of assessment. 

And small rooms with a lot...

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Audieum Modal: Calculating room modes for odd rooms setting up a new studio

When was the last time you tried to figure out what is causing those nasty bass issues in your studio?


Two hours ago?

Like, right now?

Somehow it seems like it’s an on-going, never-ending problem..

And if you’re anything like me, you landed on one of a gazillion available...

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Vocal Booths: Do you need one (if the room is already treated)? setting up a new studio

If you are into recording vocals, I’m sure the question of setting up a vocal booth has crossed your mind.

But then again maybe you’ve already done a significant amount of treatment with bass traps and panels in your room, and so you are wondering:

Is it actually worth it?


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Home Studio Acoustics is like an onion. So treat it shotgun style. setting up a new studio

What do onions and studio acoustics have in common?

They're layer over layer and while it might look fine on the outside it might also be rotten to its core.

Unfortunately it's not even that exaggerated.

And if you keep this concept in mind the next time you look at your room's frequency...

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Can a Room Be Too BIG? setting up a new studio

Can a room be too BIG to be a music studio?

We talk about rooms being too small all the time.

With it come the typical problems.

Like standing waves messing up your low end, reflections messing up your stereo image, and in general the lack of space for.. anything really.

But how does that change...

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How much acoustic treatment do you actually need to hear a difference? setting up a new studio

There’s one aspect to acoustic treatment that can be hard to grasp at first.

And that’s just how much of it you actually need to hear a proper difference in your room.

It also doesn’t help that “how the room sounds” is actually a pretty bad indicator of how well you...

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Avoid Studio Desk Reflections: Is it Time for an Upgrade? setting up a new studio

Are you thinking about upgrading your studio desk?

Maybe you’re even toying with the idea of an angled desk to get rid of the desk reflection?

Well, there are some good and some bad reasons to upgrade your desk.

In my opinion getting rid of the desk reflection isn’t one.


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ChatGPT vs Professional Acousticians: Can AI match human expertise? setting up a new studio

Have you messed around with ChatGPT yet?

Do you remember what the very first thing was that you asked it?

I asked it to tell me a joke about psychedelics and dog paws. Here it is:

"Why did the dog take psychedelics? 

To get a different paw-spective."

High-five for technology.

But THEN I...

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3 things that make the ideal space for a home studio setting up a new studio

Home Studios are full of compromises that we have to deal with to get the best sound.

Sometimes a door is inconveniently placed in a corner that you want to use for bass trapping.

Or the wall you’d ideally want to face with your setup has a huge window in it.

Or one side is made of...

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