The Phantom Speaker Test


My step-by-step video workshop to help you figure out exactly where to place your desk and correctly set up your speakers, no matter what room you're in.



Acoustic Treatment Essentials

For Audio Engineers


Get both Acoustics Insider courses bundled into one payment. Learn how to Build A Better Bass Trap and lay out a complete treatment plan for your room using Absorber Placement Hacks (For Odd Rooms).

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Build A Better Bass Trap


Learn how to build your own professional looking bass trap with integrated diffusion. Designed specifically for home studios to control the low end down to 40Hz without making the room sound "dead".

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Absorber Placement Hacks

(For Odd Rooms)


Learn my 6 proven panel placement hacks to quickly lay out a complete treatment plan for your home studio and finally get a reference sound that you can rely on.

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