What Do We Want From A Pro Speaker? (with HEDD CEO Freddy Knop)

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There's a question as old as time for us audio engineers.

A question that lingers in the back of our minds and somehow never gets fully answered.

A question that haunts us and robs us of our sleep whenever it pops up.

And so every few years we are forced to go back and face the inevitable:

Which new speaker should I get!?

How can I make sure I actually get what I want?

And what do I even want from a new speaker in the first place?

A question not easily answered…

If you’ve had the pleasure of riding this carousel, you’ll know that speaker selection is about as subjective as it gets.

And if there’s one person on the planet who’s heard this story more than once, it’s Freddy Knop, CEO of Berlin based speaker manufacturer HEDD Audio.

To wrap up my series with the company, I sat down with Freddy to hear what he has learned about us audio engineers, his customers, during his time as CEO and how he would answer this ultimate question.



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