Two rooms, two choices. How do you choose?

setting up a new studio

Are you currently looking at a new space for your studio? 

It happens so often. Home studios are usually actually in our homes after all. And if you move, well, so does your studio unfortunately.

And sometimes you get lucky and you actually have two potential candidates.

Maybe you’re just moving house and you're faced with which of two bedrooms to choose for your new studio.

Or now the basement is available, and it might be fun to mix things up.

But which one do you pick?

Do you just go by dimensions? How important are the construction or ceiling height?

And what if the whole room is shaped a little… odd.

How do you decide which one is the better choice?

Let me show you an easy way you can make that decision by focusing first on what matters most.

I'll then go through two examples that fellow engineers sent in so you can see what that looks like in practice.



"How to correctly place your listening position and speakers, no matter what room you're in."

  • Find the correct wall to face in your home studio
  • Optimize the low end and minimize reflection effects
  • Get the distance between wall and speakers right
  • Get a stereo image like on really good headphones

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