Subwoofers (Part 2): How to place your sub correctly (in a home studio)

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In part 1 of my subwoofer special I showed you what one thing, above all, you should watch out for when picking a subwoofer to match your speakers.

The cat's out of the bag. It was getting phase matching right. You can watch it here.

So now that you've spent all that money on a beefy new subwoofer, how do you place it correctly in your studio?

How do you make sure you get the frequency response right?

Is it true that you can't locate sub bass frequencies, and so you can just put it off to the side?

Or do you REALLY need multiple subs?

That's what I'm going to show you in this week's video.



"How to correctly place your listening position and speakers, no matter what room you're in."

  • Find the correct wall to face in your home studio
  • Optimize the low end and minimize reflection effects
  • Get the distance between wall and speakers right
  • Get a stereo image like on really good headphones

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