Do ported speakers make low frequency decay in your room longer (feat. Klaus Heinz)? - with HEDD Audio

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Have you ever come across a waterfall plot from a ported speaker?

Here's one:

Source: Senior, M., 2011. Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio. Focal Press.

So not a room measurement, but just the speaker, showing the ringing of the resonance system.

I definitely remember first seeing these. And being both slightly shocked and having a bit of a "duuuuh" moment..

It does make total sense after all that the resonance system of a ported speaker has its own decay associated with it.

But how bad does this usually get? Is it noticeable?

It's not generally something that speaker manufacturers show off about their speakers after all.

And taking it one step further, how much does it contribute to the existing low frequency decay in the room?

That's what I want to figure out in today's video.



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