Case Study: Bass trap control in a DIFFICULT room (measurements)

real-world case studies

I always say: You can improve the sound in ANY room with acoustic treatment.

How FAR you can take things is another question. A lot of it depends on just how much space we are willing to sacrifice.

But the fact is: Some rooms are just more difficult than others.

And the location of doors and windows is one of the main factors that can really be a show stopper.

For example: What do you do when your room is basically a small long rectangle, but one end has the entry door, and the other end is a sliding glass double door leading to a balcony?

You literally CAN’T set up your speakers facing a short wall, because you either won’t be able to enter the room, or use the balcony.

What do you do? 

Well, you set up your speakers facing the long wall obviously.

But then how far can you still take things with treatment? And bass trapping in particular?

That’s the challenge my student Thomas was facing.

And I’d say he did a fantastic job.




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