Recording Room Acoustic Treatment With Jesco Lohan - The Self Recording Band Podcast #49


Usually I’d have another video for you today.

But something weird I’ve noticed about video is that the time it takes to produce it seems to go up proportionally with the length of the video.

So I try and keep my videos short, somewhere around the 10min mark.

But I could cover soooo much more in longer content.

And that’s what I’ve got for you today.

My interview with Benedikt and Malcom on The Self Recording Band podcast.

We had a blast recording this episode, and I got to dive so much deeper than I usually do.

If you do recordings in any way, shape, or form, and you’ve been wondering what the right approach is to treat the space you record in, then this episode is for you.

I also cover an easy way to figure out if your room has a problem in the first place, and how to know what to focus on first.

Get the 5 Steps To Recording Room Acoustics mentioned in the podcast here:



"How to correctly place your listening position and speakers, no matter what room you're in."

  • Find the correct wall to face in your home studio
  • Optimize the low end and minimize reflection effects
  • Get the distance between wall and speakers right
  • Get a stereo image like on really good headphones

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