Can you move low end nulls using a subwoofer?


The low end in a home studio is a funny beast. I’m sure this isn’t news to you.

While you’re battling standing waves with everything you’ve got on one side, speaker boundary interference comes in to give you a hard low jab from the other side, only for the floor reflection to then finish you off with an uppercut. 

It’s messy.

And so it’s not at all surprising if you are one of the many (read: all) of us experiencing a serious low frequency dip somewhere in the low end where it’s super inconvenient.

And just like everyone of us, I’m sure that at some point you’ve thought:

“Can I fix this with a subwoofer”?  

Is it possible to somehow find the right spot for the sub so that the dip.. disappears?

Or maybe just move it! 

Maybe you can move that null to a different position in the room so it stops being so annoying at the listening position..

Well, there’s good and bad news.

Because the low end is such a messy problem, subs CAN actually be used to fix low end dips. 

But it does depend entirely on WHAT is causing that dip in the first place.



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