Does your ACOUSTIC TREATMENT actually WORK? Audieum IR Analysis Review


Have you ever wondered if the acoustic treatment in your studio actually works, and if it does, how well?

It's kind of difficult to judge that because on one hand it's quite difficult to actually analyze your room and understand what's going on with and without the treatment.

And then what goals are correct? 

As in when are you done with treatment? When have you done “enough” treatment?

Obviously one of the ways is to look at acoustic measurements. With something like Room EQ Wizard, you can fairly easily measure your room and get a whole bunch of data that tells you a lot of potentially… nothing… IF you don't know what you're looking at! 

Now last week I introduced you to this new tool called Audieum by a developer from Italy, Andrea  Cicero.

On one hand it lets you analyze the room modes, the standing waves in your studio, even if the room shape is pretty odd. 

But then there's also a module to analyze your room with EQ Wizard measurements. 

It's called IR analysis, and it basically runs through the measurements that you did at your listing position, and then spits out a report analyzing those measurements and giving you the relevant data to understand how well the room is treated, both in the time and the frequency domain, and if you've reached the goals of a good listening room.

So that's what I wanna talk about in this video.



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