Can Bass Traps Take Away Too Much Bass?

bass traps and low frequency control

I’m sure you’ve heard the advice before that:

"You can’t have too many bass traps!“

But you’ve probably also heard stories off people putting way too much absorption in their room and it ending up sounding over-damped, or even "dead“.

You get that "sucked out“ feeling when you enter the room, mixes don’t translate properly, and just being in the room can turn into a total nightmare.

But isn't the same thing possible in the low end?

Can you put so many bass traps in your room that you end up over-absorbing bass?

Can you actually remove usable low end and make things much worse than they were before?

In this video I want to show you why that’s neither possible in theory, nor in practice.

I’ll then explain why it’s still possible to get the feeling that you are reducing low end when you start putting bass traps in your room and why that’s actually a good thing.



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