Bass traps floor to ceiling, or half the corner good enough?

bass traps and low frequency control

This week let’s talk bass trapping again. 

Placing bass traps in particular.

Because when you’re trying to tackle that endlessly confusing topic of low end control in your home studio, it can be so easy to get caught up in rabbit holes that have you questioning your sanity in no time.

And I can’t have that happening!

So when you’re placing bass traps in the corner of your room, do you need to cover it entirely, floor to ceiling? 

Or is it good enough to just focus on half the corner, let’s say?

As so often, to answer this question, we could go into intense theoretical debates that don’t really lead anywhere.

But ultimately it boils down to two basic facts in my experience, that I want to share with you in this video:



"How to correctly place your listening position and speakers, no matter what room you're in."

  • Find the correct wall to face in your home studio
  • Optimize the low end and minimize reflection effects
  • Get the distance between wall and speakers right
  • Get a stereo image like on really good headphones

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