Acoustic treatment for voice-over work (vocal booths)

It finally happened. 

You’ve asked a million times. And now it’s finally done.

I sat down with “Booth Junkie” Michael, and we recorded a masterclass on treating vocal booths and acoustic treatment for voice-over work.

It’s all in there, we left nothing out:

  • How deep the absorption needs to be and where to place it to control that all-important vocal midrange.

  • How much absorption you need to get results.

  • Where diffusion comes in.

  • The role reflection screens play.

  • Microphone placement.

  • And the granddaddy of them all: What it actually takes to isolate and keep noise out of your recordings.

On top of all that, Michael added lots of before and after examples from his own room so you can really see and hear the difference.

Don’t miss this jam-packed episode.



"How to correctly place your listening position and speakers, no matter what room you're in."

  • Find the correct wall to face in your home studio
  • Optimize the low end and minimize reflection effects
  • Get the distance between wall and speakers right
  • Get a stereo image like on really good headphones

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